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Re: New Charges In Court Case: Ashur Sorrow Caught Breaking His Diet
Posted by Don (Guest) - Tuesday, June 6 2006, 21:45:37 (CEST)
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"A very dear and well respected Assyrian of the first water, who happens to be a medical doctor and also knows Mar Bawi, told me that the gastric bypass surgery was needed for health reasons. The man had extrememly high blood pressure and other complications."

---Priests and bishops are supposed to practice self-restraint in these kinds of cases. While I completely understand if he did, in fact, need it, I must also state that he did nothing to prevent himself from getting to that point. Bishops are supposed to be role models and practice moderation. I remember this guy always talked about food when we used to break for lunch during his seminars. He went on and on about the pasta in Italy. I was thinking to myself "yes of course, for betraying your own Church the Vatican will gladly take you everywhere and feed you."

This guy has what's coming to him. You'll see. You don't know how many people were donating to the Church when they were collecting money to send to the Assyrians in the Middle East before this thief was kicked out of the Church. Instead, he used the money for his own purposes. Information was recently released proving that he does, in fact, pay for most of those Zowaa clowns' shows on the Persian satellite channel, Appadanna, where they do nothing but talk shit about anyone who doesn't support Bawai or Zowaa. Those time slots are very expensive and they don't just have one show...they have like 8 shows. Interestingly enough, they increased at the same time Bawai was kicked out.



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