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Re: New Charges In Court Case: Ashur Sorrow Caught Breaking His Diet
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Tuesday, June 6 2006, 20:15:47 (CEST)
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What is the difference between George Bush pushing the ban on Gay marriage during election week to try to steer Americans away from the real issues facing us, and what the Assyrian priests are doing to each other while Assyrians in the homeland are begging them for their help in feeding, sheltering, and clothing them during a war?

If this doesn't PROVE Christianity is a farce, I don't what does!

Instead of these clowns spending their time, energy, and money helping their people in the homeland, they are spending millions of Assyrian congregation's money to destroy each other and wasting precious time! I don't see a SINGLE Assyrian priest or church worrying about the poor, the starving, the homeless, and the displaced in Iraq, do you?

If this is Christianity, I SPIT on it!


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