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Re: New Charges In Court Case: Ashur Sorrow Caught Breaking His Diet
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, June 6 2006, 20:52:24 (CEST)
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My first wife's mother....a woman in her 80's now...a gringa....lives a few houses down fron the Assyrian church in Campbell, Califormia...right here in San Jose...she belongs to a local group of Grandmas against the war...they went to the church with leaflets against the impending war...they were certain Assyrians would be receptive...the priest, with an American flag on his front door, came out of the church flustered and panicky...told them to leave immediately or he would call the police...these were all WHITE ANGLO grandmothers....she was so puzzled by it all when she told me....I told her these people are a fraud, in every way.


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