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Re: New Charges In Court Case: Ashur Sorrow Caught Breaking His Diet
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, June 6 2006, 16:21:27 (CEST)
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A very dear and well respected Assyrian of the first water, who happens to be a medical doctor and also knows Mar Bawi, told me that the gastric bypass surgery was needed for health reasons. The man had extrememly high blood pressure and other complications.

I don't understand why all the animosity towards one kind of Christian when the rest of them are shot through with garbage as well. Maybe this is a lesson....betray your roots, your family, your heritage and your god at your own peril.

In the meantime it's always good to see Christians betraying their own ditzy religion by behaving in such unChristian ways. Gives one faith in human nature.


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