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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, November 15 2006, 3:29:09 (CET)
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because actions and deeds are the living proofs of reality that we are seeking to achieve.

...people who have no ideas or very weak ones are always saying this...they never examine their IDEAS before taking action (and what action!!! Petitions and letters!)...which usually results in disaster...had we talked more openly and freely before this murderous war we might have been better prepared for its likely outcome, namely: that conditions would get worse, not better, for the Christian minority..if we had discussed what real democracy means and what makes it different from mob rule and what you need to do before turning government over to a majority in a country such as Iraq, we might have understood that a democracy in a country without the European traditions of an Age of Enlightenment and an Age of Reason, or Parliamentary procedure or bicameralism or pluralism might spell disaster...that we could be subject to a majority, in this case a Muslim radical majority...the United States went into a disasterous war and is preparing for another in Iran based on erroneous and ridiculous ideas about Iraq and Islam...fools rush around "doing things" without thinking first.
>Anyone who would like to criticize, COULD DO SO , because there are plenty rooms for criticize , BUT we need action, and action that I am looking for is EXACTLY as the one you stated in your father's story below.
>In conclusion, I am coming humbly apologizing for you if you think that I offended you, because never meant that period I respect you as my sister.

...Jesus H, Christ!!! Instead of apologizing and insulting and then apologizing again only yo insult next week, will you STICK TO FACTS AND ISSUES!!! That would make any future apology unneccesary.


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