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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Tuesday, November 14 2006, 21:11:45 (CET)
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Who is waging war of words? YOU?

I am not here to fight with you or anyone else. We go to forums to discuss IDEAS, debate issues, and generate a dialogue.

You are the one who takes things personally. You bring up my father, the Bible, God, Jesus, and every weapon you can think of, all based on emotions and contradictions, and no binding facts to prove what you are saying. It is you who is living with a shadow hanging over your head.

Stop judging and just discuss issues, without becoming hysterical. You assume things that are not real, and then when I tell you they are not real you become angry. Why? Don’t you want to learn something new? I sure do, that’s why I come here.

To give you an example:
Whatever I say, you go back to the old days when I was young and shy, or bring up my dad's religious convictions. Why do you have to do that? Why can't you focus on the here and now? Things change, but it is the direction of that change that's important. Wouldn't you agree?

For thousands of years, we Assyrians, have been decimating ourselves for no reason what so ever. If YOU say it is because of our religion, then we have been very silly, don’t you think? Religion is a personal thing, don't you agree? It should stay in the privacy of our own homes, or the churches, to the extent that's why they build churches to begin with. Do you think Armenians EVER mention their Christianity? NO! They speak about their genocide in terms of nationality, ONLY!

I don't know of any other nation whose identity is linked to religion, other than Assyrians. Why is it that Assyrians cannot discuss ANYTHING without bringing religion into it?

You said what am I doing to raise Assyria? That's a GOOD question!

How in the hell can we raise Assyria when there's not a single Assyrian left on earth? HOW? They are now Christians, PERIOD! If you are looking for a Christian nation then you are in the right country. But if you are looking to raise Assyria, GOOD LUCK! No one is buying, so you have to peddle your business elsewhere, because Assyrians DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT. When Assyria is being discussed on forums, in paltalk, in churches, in parties, in magazines, in periodicals, the conversation is about Christianity, the church, which is church is best, which MAR is best, which bishops is doing what, what our name is, etc. It is NEVER about declaring an Assyrian state, what the flag will look like, who will install the government of Assyria, who will train the Assyrian army. So we have nothing to discuss, except God, Jesus, Mar Delly, Mar Dinkha, Mar Bawai, Mar Papa.

Assyria is now CHRISTIAN whether you and I like it or NOT! Let us stop whining about it and let's analyze what Assyria is TODAY, not 2000 years ago. We cannot go backwards, we can only move forward, as evolution WILL NOT LET YOU GO BACK!

Assyria is a CHRISTIAN NATION and it is presently divided into many sects. There's nothing in between but the handful of Assyrians you see on this forum! CAN YOU, ASHUR BET-SHLIMON ACCEPT THAT? I don't think so, because you are stuck in the old days, blaming everyone else but Assyrians for the state we are in.


Even if we get a country of our own, it will be in NAME ONLY, for it will still be a CHRISTIAN state, just like Israel is a Jewish state!

The day Assyrians declare their nationhood, raise an Assyrian army, form an Assyrian government, raise the Assyrian flag, and institute ASHUR as the national God, then we will talk. Until then, stop wasting your time and ours, and stop blaming the Muslims, the Jews, the Hindus, the Atheists and everyone else you can think of.

Just start discussing ANY issue with an Assyrian. In a matter of seconds, the conversation will turn into God and Jesus. So what is Assyrian about that, Can you please tell us?

We fool ourselves by dreaming of an Assyria, without realizing WE ARE ONLY FOOLING OURSELVES, AND NO ONE ELSE!

How can anything change when we live in a constant state of denial?

The answer is: WE CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING UNTIL WE BEGIN BY DECONSTRUCTING THE 200 YEAR-OLD MYTHS, which is what we do on this forum.

Unless we begin with this first step, we have nothing, absolutely nothing. Unless you want to become a “Christian soldier” like Peter ABU JASSIM, (which means a THUG in Arabic) fighting for Christ.

By the way, remember that Assyria is SURROUNDED by Muslims, on ALL sides, and considering how all you Christians HATE the Muslims, you will last about ONE MINUTE.


Talk about fighting your shadow, you have the classic case of it, buddy!

So don't be pointing fingers at us, look in the mirror first. There's no halo there.

I respect anyone who respects ME. I discuss issues with those who want to discuss them. But when you start resorting to personal things, then I will put a stop to it.


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