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Re: Pancho and Maggie fighting their shadow
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, November 15 2006, 7:37:08 (CET)
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Ashur Beth-Shlimon wrote:
>Pancho wrote:
>" Jesus H, Christ!!! Instead of apologizing and insulting and then apologizing again only yo insult next week, will you STICK TO FACTS AND ISSUES!!! That would make any future apology unnecessary "
>REPLY >>>
>Could you kindly state one ' INSULT ' that I made, I am sure there are more than three that you made all along, JUST GIVE AN EXAMPLE will you please ?

...I don't record "insults"...they slide right by me...I'm insult proof...I think it's pompous to get's more in your line than haven't insulted CAN'T insult me. You've certainly insulted YOURSELF...which is why you must be apologizing...apparently you thogught you insulted Margaret...all I said was that if you conducted yourself like an adult and a gentleman, you wouldn't have to be apologizing all the time...when you're not threatening to take your toys and go you think you could stick to for instance why the murder of Christians by Christians doesn't produce "martyrs"? You see, that's another bit of lying frummery that we've exposed about you "Christians" aren't interested in "martyred Assyrians"'re interested in the Muslim is important to expose such's important to discover these things BEFORE "taking action", for instance, "help" any organization that claims to be interested in letting the world know about murdered do NOT want the world to EVER hear about the Christians murdered by see how important discussions and study and thinking is?

Only after right-thinking can you take right-action.


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