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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 18 2006, 7:31:28 (CET)
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Ashur Beth-Shlimon wrote:
>Pancho wrote:
>"he's over at the new mesopotamian forum. Found a place to roost where they won't ban or delete him...and that's good. he was getting a little worn out over here. But there's no hiding from truths. See you over there. "
>REPLY >>>
>For God's sake, why you are hallucinating, you should know that I participate in more than 5 Discussion Forums,

...I should KNOW that? Why would In know that?

and where you came that I am worn out,

...because nyou can't answer my posts....

YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS WORN OUT NOT ME, and I am here as long as I feel.

nyah nyah nyah


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