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Re: Poor Janey-I could have told you all this and spared you!
Posted by Qasrani (Guest) - Friday, September 15 2006, 2:23:43 (CEST)
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First, I didn't say Janey was starting a new group. I said that I don't support the idea of starting another UMBRELLA organization for our local civic groups in the United States.

I know you work with Sargon Dadesho on his programming which is why you might see things differently, but it is my humble opinion that there is room for only one umbrella organization. PLUS, I don't think (and this is the third time I write this, I think) that things have gone so awry at the AANF that it cannot be turned back. The AANF is only as strong as its affiliates make it. Its executive officers are all drawn from its affiliates. So, what I'm "getting at" (and this is the second time that I say this) is that those that want a significant change should begin right NOW, within their respective affiliates to put together a clear agenda for the forthcoming election. As a not-for-profit organization, the AANF's books are available for inspection, and if there is any discrepancies they should be addressed immediately.

It can all be accomplished without disintegrating the AANF.

Maggie wrote:
>First of all, Janey isn't starting a new group. It is AUA who has raised these questions, and is considering restructuring the ANF.
>Secondly, in 73 years of its existence, what has the ANF achieved in the US for Assyrians or done for the Assyrians in the homeland that we all have to join it and remain a part of it for the rest of our lives?
>This is NOT Nazi Germany where we are ALL part of the Third Reich, whether we want to be or not! I'm not sure where you are going with this? So even if we don't agree with how an organization is running we still have to keep our mouth shut and stay, or leave and not ever be Assyrian again or start our own organization? That's what you are basically implying.
>I say the more Assyrian organizations, the better. This is not only democracy but it is healthy competition, where they all compete in an open market and may the best organization win and do something for the Assyrians.


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