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Re: Poor Janey-I could have told you all this and spared you!
Posted by Smarter than you (Guest) - Tuesday, June 19 2007, 0:45:31 (CEST)
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Who cares about the stupid ass Federation BS? What have they done with those dumb ass Assyrians from Chicago? I have witnessed both of my parents sweat and work so hard for this "non profit" Assyrian Federation and for what??? A bunch of animals fighting in meetings, dumb ass mechanics running for President, mortgage lenders as committee men, taxi drivers and oh lets not forget the great car salesman. Also idiots that like to say "I would like to make a motion." Here is my Motion, my middle finger at you Mr. William You Moron. Oh and your supposed to help the youth? How have you all helped in the last few years? Kids on drugs and our girls selling their bodies. Great Job! I can't wait to start my own Federation and piss all over yours. No disrespect to the people who do this for the right reason, but the ones who take offense to this are the ones who I directly attack. If you want to get a hold of me I have set up an email address for you idiots. I dare you to email me with anything you like. I just hope that you know how to use email MR You Moron. I will make you feel like the dumb ass mechanic you are oops I meant car salesman! So here we go again talking about working together when in fact we do everything in our power to screw someone over. Congrats to you all, Great example you all set for the fall of the empire once again.
Respectfully yours,
Smart Assyrian

Smart Assyrian

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