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Re: Poor Janey-I could have told you all this and spared you!
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Friday, September 15 2006, 22:06:32 (CEST)
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"I wasn't putting you down at all."

Yes you were! By the simple fact that you brought somene ELSE into my conversation with you, and that someone else you had SMEARED earlier. Denying it only makes you sound more incapable of what you are now trying to defend. You see, Qasrani, there was no other reason to bring him up EXCEPT to try to put me down!

"I do think that people's affiliations are a "tell" into how they think."

Using YOUR logic, then we can say EVERY SINGLE ASSYRIAN ORGANIZATION AFFILIATED WITH AANF IS CORRUPT! Talk about iconoclastic!!! If that is the case, then I should also ASSUME that you are the lowest of lows just because you are a lawyer and hang out with thieves, cheaters, and scammers like yourself!

"For example, I post here, not at AINA or Beth Suryoyo or Ankawa. I don't want risk being censored, that's a "tell" on me. Even though I'm not all that popular here, I like the fact that I can say whatever I want and disagree and just do whatever without fear of reprisal except for some snide ripostes."

Another lie! You posted at aina for many years.

"Sargon Dadesho has shown himself to be a divisive element within our community"

According to who? YOU? Or those Assyrians YOU ARE "AFFILIATED" WITH?

You see Qasrani this is why I don't get caught-up in idiotic Assyrian miree/mirookh games like this, because according to OTHER Assyrians, Sargon Dadesho has been the "uniter" of Assyrians, opposing the divisive slashes/dashes engineers, and other "consirators". So you see Qasrani, I can play your game too, but I choose NOT to. It is a sad and endless vicious circle with you people!!! Each thinking they are better than the rest, each hell-bent on having it THEIR way, which is why we are the mess we are!

I see ONE individual at a time, not look at a group and ASSUME things based on what others have said about them. Your philosophy is based on the lynch-mob mentality!

"and when someone works to benefit his agenda, that is a tell. Note that I didn't say that you supported his politics. I can't recall whether you do or you don't. But it is a fact that there is this organization (Bet Nahrain) that made a stand NOT to be members of our Assyrian umbrella organizations (among many of its nasty moves since its inception) and you are attracting viewers to this organ by your show, there is implicit support for the agenda. You cannot dismantle the master's house with the master's tools. Someone much wiser than me said that."

All this time you have been talking me on this forum, I didn't realize how much you hated me because I do a show on AssyriSat. Well, at least you have shown your true colors! It takes GUTS to be that prejudiced!!!

"You seem to have a chip on your shoulder about your affiliation with Bet Nahrain and I don't blame you."

I don't have a chip on my shoulders Qasrani. I'm just exposing your narrow-mindedness and bigotry!

"I'm sure Assyrians have said even worse things (than my acknowledgement) to you about it."

NOT ONE Assyrian, except YOU, has EVER said anything negative to me about being with AssyriaSat. Everywhere I go, I meet people who thank me for teaching them and their children about their own identity, culture, language, and history, and elevating their self-esteem. They thank me for working for them for FREE!!!They praise AssyriaSat for being the world's FIRST Assyrian television satelite station that brought Assyrians together from all over the world, and that raised the Assyrian awareness, globally. Even Dadesho's worst enemies, tell me although they disagree with him politically, they respect him for what he has done for the Assyrians. Now tell us what have YOU done, Qasrani?

"There is still no justification to freak out."

Who is freaking out? I'm just tired of your bullshit! It is getting old and stale!

What did you ASSUME? That I was going to just shut my mouth and let you insult me? Again, this NOT Nazi Germany!!


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