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Re: Poor Janey-I could have told you all this and spared you!
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Friday, September 15 2006, 20:57:15 (CEST)
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Qasrani wrote:

"First, I didn't say Janey was starting a new group. I said that I don't support the idea of starting another UMBRELLA organization for our local civic groups in the United States."

That's EXACTLY what you said and I quote:

"Every time someone didn't like what was going on, they chose to start a new group. In the case of the AANF, I think we will live to regret it if Janey is able to succeed in breaking up the federation and start one anew."

We are NOT illiterate, and can read and gather what you said.

Then you said:
"I know you work with Sargon Dadesho on his programming which is why you might see things differently"

What does Sargon Dadesho have to do with my conversation with you? You have a grudge against Sargon Dadesho, and you are going to take it out on me? Then how are you any different from ANY Assyrian that you are always criticizing?

I thought being an educated woman would at least make you different in your approach and deter you from being dismissive of another person's thoughts based on your own ideologies, prejudices, and personal opinions. But I see you are exactly the same as everyone you criticise! According to you and the rest of Assyrians like you, I'm not supposed to have any thoughts or intellect of my own because I present an educational show on AssyriaSat. What does that say about you when you know NOTHING about me, my personal beliefs, my personal philosophy?

When I speak, stick to facts, not put people down and publicly humiliate them because I might disagree with them, or have a personal hatred for them.

There are many Assyrians who make my blood boil. They are ugly in spirit and behavior, but I still try to love them, tolerate them, and have enough respect for them as human beings not to dismiss them and toss them out like trash! I will never get anywhere this way. I can never change anyone this way. I can never build anything if I keep trashing everyone I don't like or disagree with. I try to see EVERYONE as having some value, in the same way Alaha Ashur does.

If you don't understand that this is our problem as Assyrians, which is why we can't get anywhere, then I don't know what to say to you!

The rest of what you said doesn't matter, does it, because you project one thing, while you are something else!

I feel sorry for people who blame everything wrong in the world on the ones they despise. It shows just how lacking THEY are, just how incapable THEY are, which is why you don't see them active in the Assyrian community, you don't see them working in the trenches of Assyria, and you never see them doing anything positive for their people or contributing to some sort of substantive change for their community, except to blow their own horn and try to prove just how much more "scholarly" they are than the rest of the world!

If you want a REAL brainteaser, try this:

Those that can change things for the better are those that are able to love the things they hate the most.


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