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Re: Poor Janey-I could have told you all this and spared you!
Posted by Qasrani (Guest) - Friday, September 15 2006, 21:11:13 (CEST)
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I didn't go back to read what I wrote when I was responding. I was mistaken as to the Janey comment. I don't know whether in fact she wants a new federation or not since I only saw that comment within Wilfred's editorial. You don't need to bite my head off.

I wasn't putting you down at all. I do think that people's affiliations are a "tell" into how they think. For example, I post here, not at AINA or Beth Suryoyo or Ankawa. I don't want risk being censored, that's a "tell" on me. Even though I'm not all that popular here, I like the fact that I can say whatever I want and disagree and just do whatever without fear of reprisal except for some snide ripostes.

Sargon Dadesho has shown himself to be a divisive element within our community and when someone works to benefit his agenda, that is a tell. Note that I didn't say that you supported his politics. I can't recall whether you do or you don't. But it is a fact that there is this organization (Bet Nahrain) that made a stand NOT to be members of our Assyrian umbrella organizations (among many of its nasty moves since its inception) and you are attracting viewers to this organ by your show, there is implicit support for the agenda. You cannot dismantle the master's house with the master's tools. Someone much wiser than me said that.

You seem to have a chip on your shoulder about your affiliation with Bet Nahrain and I don't blame you. I'm sure Assyrians have said even worse things (than my acknowledgement) to you about it. There is still no justification to freak out.


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