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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 25 2006, 1:20:14 (CET)
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..everyone is afraid of being blamed for "losing" Iraq...even if it's a lost one wants to come out and do what's necessary...they're intent on protecting themselves and in the case of Republicans stalling long enough to let the public begin to blame the Dems for a change...also they want to salvadge their own reputations and try to spin the war's course to make themselves look better..the Dems are afraid of making a mistake when the WHOLE thing was a mistake...the sad part is that many more soldiers and civilians will be killed waiting on the politicians to save themselves and find some spine.

It's the same politicians who didn't give a shit for the soldiers they sent to this war who also don't care now to get them out in a timely fashion..we aren't still in Iraq to "stabilize" the region...or because "we care"...we're continuing the carnage because politicians care about THEMSELVES...which is the reason they voted for this stupid war in the first place...because they would have been out of a job had they not gone along with the public..or what we were assured was the public's mood on this...and they're JUST as scared to get us out now...for the same fear...that it might cost them their jobs before they can create a lucrative roost for themselves as lobbysists.


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