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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Thursday, November 16 2006, 22:30:12 (CET)
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The Darfur tragedy is caused by the same Western Imperialists who assasinate legitimately elected leaders, pit people against one another to keep them busy slaughtering one another, and INSTALL dictators that are hand-picked by AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL!

I refer you once more to Noam Chomsky's EXCELLENT book, The Washington Connection and Third World FAscism.

Also, here's an excerpt from an ordinary man who has experienced modern genocide in Rawanda...........

By Paul Rusesabagina

"History shows us that genocides can happen only if four important conditions are in place. There must be the cover of a war. Ethnic grievances must be manipulated and exaggerated. Ordinary citizens must be deputized by their government to become executioners. And the rest of the world must be persuaded to look away and do nothing. This last is the most shameful of all, especially so because genocide is happening again right now in the Darfur region of Sudan, and the world community has done precious little to stop the killings. What is happening in Darfur is exactly what happened in my home country of Rwanda, which was left to choke on its own blood from April to July of 1994. The United Nations took virtually no action during the genocide. A detachment of well-equipped peacekeepers, made up of less than one-twentieth of the American troops now stationed in Iraq, could have easily stopped the killings without risk and sent the powerful message that the world would no longer tolerate mass murders of civilians, a real expression of the phrase "Never Again." But this simple act was deemed, then and now, to be somehow beyond the power of the United States."


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