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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 16 2006, 7:58:06 (CET)
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>I appreciate if you honestly answer these SIMPLE questions and thank you in advance.
>NOTE: Please if you give answer DON'T ELABORATE in PHILOSOPHICAL way, I want simple and concise answers! this concise enough for you: When you answer my question, I'll do you the same courtesy.

Why do you people never mention the names of Christians killed by Christians..why do you only concern yourselves when the killers are Muslims?

,,I have asked you this "simple question" countless continue to ignore it and now have the nerve to come around asking for simple and concise answers to YOUR questions...that is the mark of a child.

This is a two way street...not an alley. You get what you provide me with an answer and you KNOW I'll be happy to answer you...the answer I have for you is a simple one indeed and will bring no shame on me...let's see if the same will be said of you.

I'm waiting.


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