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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Monday, November 13 2006, 20:26:06 (CET)
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Maggie said:

" What is more appalling than anything, is that you, Ashur Beth-Shlimon, can even THINK of worshipping a god like that! "


The most appalling is YOU with due respect MAGGIE , that as I know your father who on the regularly bases attended church services, or may be he is a different person like you since he left Chicago that is I would like to know.

***Ashur, my father has not changed. He still attends church EVERY Sunday, come rain or shine, come sickness or health. But in ALL of my life, I NEVER heard my father speak to us in such terms, not even ONCE! My parents must be the only TRUE CHRISTIANS I know. That is, they never lie, not even to save themselves, they never cheat, they never scam, they never talk bad about anyone, even though the Assyrian nation is full of vultures, vipers, and scorpions, my parents see the goodness in EVERYONE, no matter if they are the lowliest of men and women. They help all those that need help. They practice peace no matter what, and when there is a dispute among Assyrians over petty differences, my parents shine a light on the truth for everyone to see how silly they are being.

A lot of Assyrians hate each other, lie to each other, scam each other, and dig graves for one another, but my parents have never engaged in such behavior, believing that if you are truly a nationalist Assyrian you would not do such things to another Assyrian. My dad always tells us "If you can hate another human being, you are not human. If you can hate another Assyrian, you are not Assyrian".

What it boils down to is this: We can disagree, we can believe in diferent things, but we don't have to EVER hate each other, or be enemies with one another because that is uncivilized and Un-Assyrian. My parents do not believe a God, no matter whose God it is, would ever want one of his children to hate another one of his children. It is immoral! No matter who that child is whether they are Muslims, Jews, Christians, Budhists, or atheists. Such hateful attitudes did not exist in our household because we never saw it exhibited by our parents. There is not a SINGLE person in the world that can say either one of my parents or their four children did something to hurt another human being or showed them hatred in ANY way. Prejudice, biggotry, hatred, lying, scaming, scheming, or speaking bad about another human being was not tolerated in our household. That's why my siblings and I didn't grow up with racist attitudes.

The other thing my parents did was to teach us that there's a reason for everything. Based on that, NEVER judge a person or a situation without first gathering the facts. But most Assyrians I know believe whatever is told to them because they are too lazy to search for the truth themselves, or are too stupid to ask for the evidence, you know, THE PROOF!

Many times when I was a kid I would come home and tell my parents I heard so and so say such and such about another person. My parents would tell me, "let that be the last time you ever repeat these words." My dad wouldn't tolerate gossip from anyone, because he knew it is destructive.

Of course, I was lucky to grow up in an educated household, where racism, sexism, prejudice, bigotry was not tolerated against anyone. Never in my life did I hear a bad word spoken in our househld against a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, or any other race or religion. But I noticed in most Assyrian households, that wasn't the case, and consequently, most Assyrians are full of hatred, jealousy, envy, intolerance, racism, bigotry. I believe education makes the difference, because education gives you the necessary information with which you can understand and figure things out, whereas ignorance keeps you enslaved to ignorant behavior, and you pass these old prejudices and hatred to the next generation who carry it forward on your behalf.

That is why it is hard for me to work with Assyrian organizations. No matter where I go, I encounter liers, schemers, conspirators, racist, biggoted, cheating, envious, and jealous Assyrians. Of course, I don't suspect this at first because I'm not thinking in those terms, nor do I dream that there are such people engaged in such behaviors. I'm always disappointed to see Assyrians doing such things, especially when it doesn't have to be this way.

"In any event , I am sorry to see MAGGIE that speaks and acts in these ways"

What did I say that was so awful that you are sorry to see it? Did I speak bad about someone? Did I cuss? Did I use hatred to describe God's children? WHAT?

"but I would like to say GOOD BYE"

Why? Why are you running away? Did I offend you in anyway? I focused on the issue at hand, not personalities, or differeces. That's what I expected back from you. Instead, you insult me by saying that I was "appalling" for not believing in EVIL. WHY?? WHY DO YOU PEOPLE DO THAT TO ONE ANOTHER? Why do you have to attack someone personally when you don't agree with him on certain issues? No one is attacking you personally, we are just discrediting your theories based on no evidence. I didn't say YOU were appalling, I say it is appalling that you would belive in a god who believes his children can be evil. BIG difference.

"I did it before"

This is the problem. You ran away once, or twice, or three times, or....and will keep on doing it everytime you don't like someone's answer? RUBBISH! We are not letting you get away with the easy way out.

"later on I thought may be this SICK MAN getting better, ALAS he is on the same path "

Don't worry about someone's path. Stick to the debate at hand, and don't focus on personal things.

"we have a saying , when people try to straight the DOG's tail they put it in a frame, but when they unlock that frame the tail was the same one again"

I can use this saying about you too.

"SO these are my last words and my last visit to such WEBSITE"

Does that mean I WIN? or you LOSE?

You see how silly you are?


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