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Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon (Guest) - Sunday, November 5 2006, 5:10:13 (CET)
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I did reply to you, but your system failed to accept it, and let me tell YOU up front, I am not going to waste my time repeating what was WRITTEN in lengthy to be erased, one thing I will say that if you prefer the EAST MUSLIM, please pack your belongings and go back , you and whoever support that idea, don't try to lecture to us your ISLAM which is clear to us and even to the MUSLIMS themselves where the most revered Muslim intellectual by the name Ibn Khaldun put it as follow:

" All of them are unbelief(Christians). This is clearly stated in the noble Qur'an. To discuss or argue those things with them IS NOT FOR US. IT IS ( for them to choose between) CONVERSION TO ISLAM, PAYMENT OF THE POLL TAX, OR DEATH."

Ashur Beth-Shlimon


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