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Re: response to Ashur Beth-Shlimon....
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 11 2006, 6:30:32 (CET)
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Ashur Beth-Shlimon wrote:
>Maggie said:
>" What is more appalling than anything, is that you, Ashur Beth-Shlimon, can even THINK of worshipping a god like that! "
>The most appalling is YOU with due respect MAGGIE , that as I know your father who on the regularly bases attended church services, or may be he is a different person like you since he left Chicago that is I would like to know.

...why don't you get off her father and direct your attention and comments to the POINT! No wonder you people are where you went to bed praying the Christians would come SAVE you and woke up in KURDISTAN!!!
>In any event , I am sorry to see MAGGIE that speaks and acts in these ways, but I would like to say GOOD BYE , I did it before , later on I thought may be this SICK MAN getting better, ALAS he is on the same path - we have a saying , when people try to straight the DOG's tail they put it in a frame, but when they unlock that frame the tail was the same one again - , SO these are my last words and my last visit to such WEBSITE .

...ohhhh NOoooooooo!!! It's SHUMIRUM AGAIN!!!

....It's with these kinds of excuses that these "Assyrians" run...because of a swearword...or someone's father....or mother...and they want WEAPONS to go FIGHT with!!! All anyone has to do is swear at them...and they'll go home! But they insist the Christians in Iraq stay and make an "Assyrian" presence!!!

You were a coward before you go away the same...surely there's also saying about the prick of a dog and how it takes cold water splashed on it to get it to deflate!!!'re limp now!


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