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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, November 10 2006, 22:29:21 (CET)
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Ashur Beth-Shlimon wrote:
>Farid said:
>" you are not a well man"
>You know PANCHO , it seems we are in a tog war here that will never end, any time I give you proves either they are not having YOUR criteria or something else,

,,,you have given prooooves of have merely told me your views...and I have told you mine, which are not based on any religion anywhere or what people told me when I was three...but on reading real books and thinking...I am not trying to convince you of anything...I don't want converts or followers...I want to speak my mind freely and have a place where other's can speak their's...this is your religion don't discuss, you evangelize...and if you can't convert someone to your point of write them off.

...what purpose is served by merely switching the tape recording placed in your head by a priest with one put there by me? All I want to do is get people to THINK for themselves a little...examine things etc. Whatever conclusions you draw are your own and you are welcome to them. All you can think to do is CONVINCE people...that is your religious is faith-based and are you.

as I said YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SICK, and I advise you to see a psychiatric and mental doctor and by these words this DISCUSSION COMES TO AN END FROM MY SIDE . much for your eagerness to discuss did pretty well, all things considered...your silly arguments can't convince anyone...they are simply are rubbing yourself with all your pet have learned nothing, challenged nothing...
>NOTE: I don't mind debating, BUT when a person like use a dirty filthy word of ' F '

..the word Fuck is NOT is a perfectly good Anglo-Saxon word for fornication..or lovemaking...if you want to be a little crude about it...but there is nothing filthy in the word or the deed...there is only filth in the minds of you, for instance.

in it that person DOESN'T DESERVE any respect from me period!

...I never WANTED your respect...I don't want anything from you...all I did was say that there is no historical evidence for the claims you make about what happened to Christians in the MidEast...none at all...rather the record shows that it was Christians who were killing other Christians for being the wrong kind of Christians...and killing pagans as well...for that there is PLENTY of proof. There is also proof that Christianity blamed the evils of this world on women...that it made abstinance from sex and family a POSITIVE thing..that it outlawed polygamy where others promoted it...that it denied legitimacy to bastards where Islam and Judaism accepted the children of concubines as legal..and a whole host of similar restrictions Christians placed on themselves and that these things caused the decline in numbers, not all the blame you heap on Islam...I also asked why it was then that in China and Japan, where you people were givena free hand by pagans to preach your silly religion NO ONE joined up besides a few disconteded and probably unbalanced people...for which you ALSO have no answer to all of this you brought up Hims...which you then said wasn't written by YOU..whatever that means...and yet you yourself wrote that the Christians there were killed for any rebels anywhere back then WOULD have you see, you shot your own argument right out from under you...which you people ALWAYS do if you make the mistake of talking too long.
>Ashur Beth-Shlimon

...not to put too fine a point of it but you STILL treat the Christians killed by Christians are refusing to even mention what happened to them and by not including them in your constant wailing over martyrs..this shows that your agenda is to GET Islam..and not cherish is a political ploy...just like your so-called Assyrianism.

...Your entire facade of Assyrianism rests on a religious base...which has as it's central point that Muslims MURDERED Christians JUST for being Christians...I know that because you will NOT mention all the injustice and suffering brought to Christians by are out to GET Islam...not protect Christians...because you Christians are STILL killing your own!!!


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