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Re: response to Ashur Beth-Shlimon....
Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon (Guest) - Saturday, November 11 2006, 5:48:29 (CET)
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Maggie said:

" What is more appalling than anything, is that you, Ashur Beth-Shlimon, can even THINK of worshipping a god like that! "


The most appalling is YOU with due respect MAGGIE , that as I know your father who on the regularly bases attended church services, or may be he is a different person like you since he left Chicago that is I would like to know.

In any event , I am sorry to see MAGGIE that speaks and acts in these ways, but I would like to say GOOD BYE , I did it before , later on I thought may be this SICK MAN getting better, ALAS he is on the same path - we have a saying , when people try to straight the DOG's tail they put it in a frame, but when they unlock that frame the tail was the same one again - , SO these are my last words and my last visit to such WEBSITE .


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