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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, November 7 2006, 2:09:15 (CET)
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I did reply to you, but your system failed to accept it, IS just happened to me....lost all I wrote to
you...but unlike you, what I have to say matters to I`ve gone over
to WORD and I`ll start over again...Assyrians don`t give up so easily.

and let me tell YOU up front, I am not going to waste my time repeating
what was WRITTEN in lengthy to be erased,

...if you had anything meaningful to would make the effort.

one thing I will say that if you prefer the EAST MUSLIM, please pack
your belongings and go back ,

...what is it with you? Can you never stick to the subject? You said
you were eagerly waiting my reply so you could continue the
discussion... Is this your idea of continuing a discussion...? If you`re too frail or weak to write twice...why must you make a holy
cause out of it? What does my going to live among Muslims have to do
with the topic at hand? Would YOU go back to a war zone now to live

you and whoever support that idea, don't try to lecture to us your
ISLAM is not MY Islam. And it is YOUR idea, not mine, that anyone should go live anywhere else....I am not Muslim, Jewish or Christian...why
would I be? I have no use for Jewish-based religions...a Jew won`t change
his religion and neither would an Assyrian...I am Assyrian.

...during Vietnam also, whenever we`d criticize American war policy
we`d be told to “go back to Russia” if you can never criticize those
you love. I`m worried that the backlash against America will hurt all
Americans...even those who are not Christian...therefore, since my
children live there, I have a stake in this crisis.

...This discussion began, not as a travel guide, but to say that no
credible historian anywhere says that there were massacres of Christians by
Muslims just BECAUSE they were Christians..and that there were no forced
conversions either....this is important because these are the lies you
people are spreading.,...and it`s important to point out that they ARE may believe them because you were lied to at an early age and by people you thought you could trust...but you`re an
adult now and you should look a little bit harder into things.

...I raised the issue because you use these lies as a way of explaining
the small numbers of Christians in BetNahrain since the coming of
Islam....I referenced a well respected historian, Pulitzer Prize winner and Christian (Will Durant) who said
that Christianity itself limited its growth by making family life not as
important as it had been under paganism...and by extolling virginity and abstinence and by
sending thousands and thousands of men and women into montasteries
thereby removing them from reproduction..while at the same time the Muslims
and Jews practised polygamy, honored large families and even accepted the children of concubines as legitimate.

...This is an important point to be made...especially as it is well known
already to almost all educated people except yourselves...who still cry
and wail about how you were KEPT from mulitplying by Islam....through
forced conversions you claim you disappeared and by massacres you claim
your numbers dwindled.

...This is also important now because just sixty years ago you Christians
engaged in the first and only true Holocaust in systematically rounded up and murdered
over six million Jews who were completely innocent, just BECAUSE of their religion...(a crime you are trying desperately hard to lay at the feet of Islam as well)....including one and a
half million Jewish children who also never a did a thing to you Christians. This is significant...don`t you think?

And here, today, you are on the march again, only this time against Islam..and
you are using the same sorts of lies and stereotypes and scare tactics
as you did back then...only this time you are not using concentration
camps as such but rather are turning countries INTO concentration for instance Iraq...the Iraqis have been stripped of their money
and jewels and art and artifacts, just as the Jews were by the
Christian have made their cities into camps, patrolled by soldiers
with guns with orders to shoot anyone they think they have
also found kapos...Iraqi traitors who will work for you for pay and benefits
against the interests of their own people...also, you have made it so
that there is no choice but to work for the occupiers..either as kapos or as slaves to I.G. Farben and Krupp and company...
or in the oil fields or a trained army turned against it`s own
parents...these are things you first did in camps such as Bergen-Belsen and
Auschwitz etc. You have your eyes set on creating other such Iran and Syria to name only two at the top of the needs to speak up and out and tell the truth...if there ARE
radical Muslims it is because Christianity has driven them against a wall
and given them no choice except to fight, or be killed without a

..If you`ll recall it was the same Christians who tried to obliterate
the Jews who then turned around and got rid of the ones they couldn`t
finish killing by sending them to live in Palestine...making them the
enemies of the only people who ever treated them well...the Muslims. For over
forty years Muslims have had to endure this gross injustice...they had
to see the Israels, backed, supported and PAID by the very Christians
who WERE truly their greatest enemies..fight and kill and humiliate
and disposses people, Palestinians, who were NEVER their enemies....but
what choice did the Israelis have but to do as they were told by their
Christian overlords?

...Having endured all of this, the Muslims were next expected to sit
back and do nothing while Iraq was most illegally and cruelly attacked
for over 13 years..and then in two actual direct assaults...they were
supposed to watch their children die of starvation in a land of
plenty...choked and bled by Christians..and when they finally fought back..they
were labelled, by you and others, as “terrorists”...and once again, you
bring out all the horror stories and lies that are supposed to make the
world “see” Islam for what it is...when it is Christianity that is on
parade...loaded with hypocrisy and violence and still dripping the blood
of millions of innocent Jews it JUST murdered...and skinned to make
lampshades and soap from human fat and pillows from human hair etc. Not
a SINGLE real Muslim "crime" can you mention that comes even close to these
Christian horrors.

...By your own admission the Christians of Hims were killed for
REBELLING....not for being Christian..if what you claim is true, then Muslims
would have done what Christians just did..they would have rounded up all
Christians, not just those of Hims, and murdered them all....but that
never happened...and since you know it never did..and have no evidence
you can bring to the get high and mighty instead and say that you WILL

which is clear to us and even to the MUSLIMS themselves where the most
revered Muslim intellectual by the name Ibn Khaldun put it as follow:

...there are many revered Christian scholars who crucify Christianity
for its one said Muslims were angels..they are
any other..but the truth still is the truth.....1. They never
massacred Christians FOR being Christians and in fact never "massacred" any significant numbers them at all, except in a few very isolated incidents 2. They NEVER forced Christians
to “convert or die” and 3. The small numbers of Christians in
BetNahrain is NOT due to numbers one and two...but rather to other factors
mostly having to do with the dictates of the Christian religion itself.

" All of them are unbelief(Christians).

...obviously you have chosen only what suits your purpose...and maybe
even got that wrong. It is true that Christians didn`t have the “true
faith”, acording to Muhammad..that would be Islam...but he respected
their religion nonetheless...he felt they were in error...and that Islam had
come to correct Judaism and Christianity felt it had
improved upon Judaism....that`s all. It was the pagan Arabs he called
infidels...not Christians or Jews.

...besides which, to Catholics, Protestants don`t have the “true faith” either
and Protestants feel the same way about Catholics..and Puritans felt
that way about both of them and they both felt that way about Puritans..and a hundred other Christian sects all
believed that the other sects were filled with “unbelievers”...because
they didn`t believe as THEY did and all of them were more than willing and ready too to kill any and all those in "error"...even though they were ALL followers of Christ. In one night the Catholics of France
murdered ten thousand French Protestants...neighbors and family among one has killed, and therefore disrespected and considered as
“false believers”, more Christians than Christians
Muslim force or entity has EVER massacred Christians the way Christians
themselves have...and you STILL refuse to mention, as “martyrs”, those
Christians in Iraq killed by American Christians...because they aren`t
important to you...they don`t count because you can`t use them to slam
Muslims....THAT is your entire GET it was to GET
Judaism a short while ago...for which you will and did, say and do anything!

This is clearly stated in the noble Qur'an. To discuss or argue those
things with them IS NOT FOR US. IT IS ( for them to choose between)

..this is what? Christian “heretics” weren`t given such a
choice...they often weren`t even allowed to convert back to
orthodoxy...or to anything, but were just murdered where they stood....Christians
have killed millions of Christians...yes, Islam asked people to
convert..but they did not FORCE them. Rather it was the Christians who FORCED people to convert, or be killed...if a tax..and it was a very mild tax, can
get Christians to convert..then they weren`t much in the way of
Christians..if I tax you $100 a year if you don`t convert from
Christianity...and you finally convert....don`t tell me you were a very devout

...Maybe this is the most embarrassing of all for your church..that a
slight tax could “force” Christians to convert away....

Ashur Beth-Shlimon

...but I will give you this...for all your stalling and evading and repitition you DO write and try to matter how befuddled you get. You have not thrown in the towel as so many, in fact ALL, of your predecsors have...many came on here full of fire and smoke ready to destroy us with their three arguments...arguments that always worked on their cousins and mothers....only to find themselves utterly confounded and exposed for the uneducated and unthinking dolts they are...regardless of their "Assyrianism" and how much yahwe loved and fretted over them....even Don, who promised great things up and left the state rather than continue....this happens to all of you, and it`s no surprise, because you were all made to distrust your human capacity to REASON...instead you were filled full of "faith"... a predeliction to believe the utterly unbevlieveable and, what is worse, discount what is right before your big noses....given such an upbringing it`s no surprise you can`t go more than ten minutes anywhere BUT inside the deep and smelly bowels of a, I want to give you credit for not giving`s true you`re running out of intelligent and, next, intelligible things to say...but there is a certain grandeur in your not giving up, even as your arsenal of weapons is diminishing at a faster and faster rate. may just become a martyr to Human died rather than give in to it.


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