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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Wednesday, November 22 2006, 1:05:24 (CET)
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Look who is discussing Nationalism: An Assyrian-hating TURD who makes WHORES out of Assyrian mothers!!!

Mr. Baklawa-Turd, you are neither an Assyrian nor a Christian, and it took YOU to prove it to yourself!

Re: Religion v nationalism / decency v incivility
Date: Wednesday, 22 November 2006, at 12:47 am
In Response To: Re: Religion v nationalism / decency v incivility (David)

I'm sorry you don't find my name or words appropriate. My style has always been very "shraq oo traq" and I can't seem to change that.
ADM has NEVER been involved in our religious affairs. This is simply propoganda spread by its envious detractors. While many of its members have publically supported the efforts of Mar Bawai Soro, it is really because his vision of unity is one that is shared by Zowaa. It was their whole reasoning behind the compound name, which ironically Kaka Sarkis is now using (sorry if you take offense to that name, but I have little respect for those that work to undermine my nation.) Not just him, but even the AUA in its meeting in Holland last year with various AssyrianChaldean groups also used the compound name. Why did certain groups raise such a ruckus when ADM did it, but it appears perfectly fine when others do the same? ADM has every right to "disagree and bypass" the church. They are doing EXACTLY what you and I believe should be done - SEPARATE POLITICS AND RELIGION! ADM does not need to answer to any church, only to our people, whom they proudly represent. And make no mistake, they do in fact represent the Assyrian people. They did not join a Kurdish or Arab slate like certain individuals and groups did.

In the end we agreed in principle that politics and religion should not mix and you said that it's up to the people to do that. I think for the most part, many of our people completely agree with that, but we have no media outlet that expresses it. Among our many challenges I believe a satellite channel ranks high on our list. Without it, the vast majority of our people are left at the mercy of those honor your call for "decency" let's just say those with ulterior motives and leave it at that.


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