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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, June 7 2006, 2:31:04 (CEST)
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Don wrote:
>"do we argue about the reign of we fight over Gilgamesh?"
>'s your prerogative to open up a conversation about that if you want. We opened up Bawai b/c this situation is affecting us right now.
>When you want to argue about how many levels there are in a ziggurat and up the subject. I'm listening.

...we have this thing over here...everyone is free to discuss whatever, we are free to ignore whatever, whenever...we recognize that some people can only remain focused on one thing at a time...but like the ancient Assyrians we realize that a common thread runs through us all...and through all mind can handle several issues at isn't my fault your's cannot.

I see the connection...if you don't.


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