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The GOP back in business As Usual
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Thursday, November 16 2006, 0:39:33 (CET)
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Imagine a political party who is not even embarrassed to call themselves the GOP, The Good Old Party, but to go and reinstate a well-known bigot and PROUDLY demonstrate that the GOOD OLD BOYS are back in control of the GOP. That's what Bush Junior gets for asking advice from Bush Senior!

Gotta hand it to them. Lott is no pedophile that we know of--his hero (the man that got Lott in trouble) Strom Thurmond is.

Lott got in trouble for wishing he could "bring back the days of Strom Thurmond". The odd thing is, not only was Thurmond an EXTREMIST, a RACIST, a BIGOT, a HYPOCRITE, a TERRORIST, a WHITE SEGREGATIONIST, and a PEDOPHILE, but Lott had said the same thing in a speech in 1980. Guess some people never learn!!!

Thurmond must have wanted the two races separate so his WHITE wife would not find out about his pedaphilic proclivities with Black under-age women.

unfortunately there was child and with DNA testing. Well.. the rest is history.


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