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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, November 21 2006, 17:08:38 (CET)
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In Court, Saddam Criticizes Kurdish Treatment of Assyrians *LINK*

...had any such thing happened in the way Peter describes it he would have rushed to place the actual sources up...instead he created this scenario all on his has his characteristic "they done me wrong" complaint written all over it. The idea that while on trial for his life Saddam "showed regret for all he has done to Assyrians" is Peter's fantasy. He and the rest of the boys want desperately to convince you that they were "persecuted" in Iraq.

On Wednesday, November 8, 2006, at the trial proceedings of Saddam Hussein, one Kurdish witness, answering a question from his lawyer, testified that the villages destroyed during the Anfal operation of 1988 were not necessarily all Kurdish. Speaking in Kurdish, the witness admitted that one particular village (that he personally is familiar with and mentioned by name) was predominantly inhabited by "fala" (Christians) while others were inhabited by "fala and musilman" (Christians and Muslims). The official certified translator, who was under oath, and who happened to be a Kurd too, translated the statement of the witness as "one particular destroyed village was predominantly inhabited by Christians while others were inhabited by Christians and Kurds."

Additionally, the witness's personal attorney, who was also a Kurd, insisted on portraying all the Christians who were affected by the Anfal as Kurds.

Ironically, Saddam Hussein in his statement stressed that the Christian Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) are the descendents of those who built Iraq thousands of years earlier. He stated that they are the real history of Iraq. Saddam asked, why are the Kurds Kurdifying them forcefully? He then asked, why not give them the freedom and opportunity to express and be who they really are.

Saddam's statement in this regard is important to Assyrians. As a previous president of Iraq, his statement seems a gesture of reparation. Was Saddam apologizing for all the damage he had inflicted on the Assyrians?

The other important question is: Why did the certified and official translator translate the word "musilman" (meaning "Muslims" in Kurdish language) into Kurds but did not translate the word "fala" (meaning "Christians" in Kurdish language) into Assyrians?

..that's easy...because the rest of Iraq knows you are merely a Christians sect...why WOULD they call you Assyrians? Why, because you say so? Who listens to you that the Kurds must?

Why is the supposedly independent court so careless and where was the judge as he was listening to this attempt by the translator and attorney to undermine and marginalize the Assyrians in the court? Is the court only about defending Kurdish rights and making Anfal a solely Kurdish tragedy when other Iraqis, including Assyrians, suffered by it as well?

Assyrian International News Agency

..."news" my arse....Assyrians my arse.


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