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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, November 14 2006, 16:22:15 (CET)
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...all these heroes of ours know they are making a miserable showing...their ridiculous arguments, prooooooves and hysteria have crumbled before their eyes and aina, for one, had the decency to just shut you know the answer to the riddle of why they ban and delete such innocent posts...because these ideas expose the foolishness of theirs so easily...and instead of finding their prooooves and ideas at fault, and maybe going out of their village churches and learning a thing or two they instead try to detract and insult and do away with the challenges...if that isn't the way to shrink and cripple yourself and make yourself irrelevant, and thereby become convinced that you MUST have "enemies" everywhere gunning for you...I don't know what.

At the end of the the end of this murder of Iraq they simply can't believe that all they have to show for all their "intelligence" and "political insight" is a loss of numbers in Iraq and the creation of Kurdistan over their pubes..."how did THAT happen", they stupidly ask, never once seeing their own foolishness at the beginning...rather they come away convinced that some ENEMIES must be lurking somewhere who cleverly sabotagued their brave and thoughtful efforts.


Beth-Shlimoon is merely one more of the number who've felt the weakness of their side and have decided that to come on here at all...even making silly jokes, one-liners and expressing pity for our parents is better than the awful silence of he is here "discussing" shows where they've gotten themselves that he would consider this a discussion.


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