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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 23 2006, 19:13:46 (CET)
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Pancho my friend,

Try not to link what I wrote with religious issues, my religious beliefs are exactly that, MY religious beliefs. In other words, it's none of your business.

...I was speaking of your political opportunism...not you religious beliefs..I happened to link your opportunism to the notion, which I'm sure you share, that the ancient Assyrians dumped their god because Jesus, a Jew, was able to cure Abgar. That story is intended as an insult to Ashur...but it also reveals something interesting about this case that they went where the most benefit was...I said that having done it once, they were naturally susceptible to doing it again and again...and they have. Today we have a smorgasboard of Christian sects each of which has promised something "really really gooder" and Mar Bawi is about to create another...I said nothing about your religious beliefs...what are they?

What I wrote is to do with politics.

...I know that...that's what I was responding to.

Some people get into politics for greed, some for money, some for power and some for truly believing in a cause. I got involved because of a cause. That cause is Assyria.

..which is really Christlandia.

The only vehicle available that I believe can get me any where near my destination is Zowaa. all Assyrians have come to believe that the only vehicle that gets them to heaven is Jesus...why so touchy? And like them and their religious beliefs (THEIR religious beliefs, not your's) you will switch to another POLITICAL vehicle if it promises to get you to Assyria (or paradise) faster or get you there at all...that is opportunism, not ethical behavior...I was simply comparing your political ethics to the religious beliefs of OTHER people...the motivation is the same.

That is why I am onboard the good ship Zowaa.

..."it's a swee-e-ee-it trip to can-dy shoppe! I know the song.

If another vehicle exists that can guarantee delivering me to my destination then not only will I hop onboard but so will all the other members of Zowaa. Assyria is above all else.

...that was all I was refering far as YOU were just happens that I saw a parallel between your "ethics" and those of Christian Assyrians who learned to shop around for the best deals on heaven available.

Now answer this - morally, should governments put the interests of their political party before the interests of their country?

...that's easy, goverments don't deal in morality. Your question comes into the world stillborn.

...Your expectation that they would explains are babes in the woods...that's why you believe as you do. There will be no Assyria because Assyria will be a Christian country artificially plunked down in the midst of furious Muslims who won't be able to get their hands on Christians once America and the rest of these criminals leave Iraq...guess who they'll go hunting then? But don't make a religious thing out of it...the present puppets of Christian America..all of them Muslims, will also be hunted down and

Your answer to the above question will lead you to the reason why I wrote what I did.

...I know what you WISH to happen...and to the extent that your wishes are divorced from reality, you'll wish them all the more's that "hope" and "faith" thing. This unfounded wish of yours leads you to believe in anyone who claims to be promoting it when they are really only paying you the case of the Kurds because they have to look good while America is still there. No doubt Christians will be able to live in Kurdistan, as they were allowed to live in Iraq, IF they obey the laws and don't go around preaching sedition again. Inspite of all evidence to the contrary and all failures and all the proof right before your eyes, you will not see or admit them because you don't want to give up your dreams and wishes...I understand the temptation...but this is a most dangerous place to simply have "faith" in. You need something of all had "faith" that the British and the Archbishop of Canterbury would give you Assyria...even though Great Britain had never given anything to anyone but on the contrary had stolen more lands from people than anyone else in history ("The sun never sets", etc.) still BELIEVED. And when they came again, barely 7 years after believed them again...and when they left this time they left us with Semele...and now the Americans came and once again your faith and desire and wishes and dreams led you to believe they they, along with your old saviours, the British, would FINALLY do the "morally right thing",...and they have left you, not with Semele, but with your next item of "faith" and "hope" is that the Kurds will give you autonomy...there is no more reason to think they will than there was to think the British or Americans would...but that doesn't matter to you...because your ideas are entirely faith-based...and since this religion of your;s is that of the Jews, you've learned from them to keep having faith in someone giving you something...saving you where you can't save yourself..that is very the Assyrians built half of Civilization with their hands and not on their knees.

Have a good day,




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