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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, November 13 2006, 21:36:00 (CET)
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Bush calls on the world to isolate Iran when it is the United States that poses the threats....if you go back and read articles from the 1980s you'll see the same calls to isolate's starting all over will build and build...the Iranian people will begin to be systematically harrassed and punished by the United might take five to ten years to ratchet up slowly to full scale then, hopefully for America, enough marginal Itanian radicals will have been driven over the edge to "attack" America...or even if Iranians don't do it they will be blamed for anything anywhere...and we'll hear about nuclear tests and hidden labs and all the rest of it.

You'd think we'd recognize the opening shots in this gambit by now...but we're so hung up in our joy that Dems have won and so focused on getting OUT of Iraq that we don't see the early beginnings of our eventual entry INTO Iran...after which we'll be exactly where we are today with Iraq...and so forth.


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