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definition of "genocide"
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, November 22 2006, 21:19:37 (CET)
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...Let's calm down...I'm not denying people were murdered...I don't hate the people murdered or love the murderers...I value the truth. Also I think we hurt ourselves in Western eye's when we use words inncorrectly...I don't see any reason to call it a genocide unless we expect people to feel really sorry for us. So hang on and let's approach this thing like Assyrian adults.

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Main Entry: geno·cide
Pronunciation: 'je-n&-"sId
Function: noun

: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group

...under this definition...the accepted definition of the people we live among...only the Holocaust, brought to the world by Christians (that's a fact, not my hatred) against the Jews fits that definition.

...the destrution has to be "systematic",,,,that means that it's deliberate...a part of the SYSTEM of offcial policy. If you raid a village and kill all the people there, you haven't committed "genocide". If your government has an articulated POLICY of the Germans did, in which they went so far as to come out and SAY what they would do to ALL Jews....make it a main feature of their government...and make up formulas by which they would describe people as Jewish even if they only had a small fraction of Jewish "blood"...if you set up a SYSTEM of railroads and offices and officials whose sole duty is to ferret out all Jews and you build camps and crematoria and kept lists and did all the things you would do in any "business' enterprise...then you have created a SYSTEM. To lash out in pogroms...or matter how murderous and of course wrong....still doesn't make them a systematic part of government.

...when did Iraq develop a SYSTEM for the elimination of Christians? The attack on Semele was an attack...the army did not go on to every Christian village...they did not set up railroads to bring in Christians from all over the Muslim world...they enslaved no one...they worked no one to death...they didn't build mass ovens...they didn't single out Christians for lethal showers...and do this for year after year.

.I don't HATE the victims and LOVE the criminals...I dislike inaccuracy, especially if I feel it's done willfully and to gain pity for us...I don't believe pity is a positive force...we fell sorry enough for need to keep piling it on.


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