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=> from Kakovitch...WARNING!!!!

from Kakovitch...WARNING!!!!
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, November 14 2006, 23:33:08 (CET)
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...screw your eyeballs in tight...hold onto something and stay away from windows and power outlets as you read this....and don't say I didn't warn you.

>By Ivan Kakovitch

Some scholars deciphering the repercussions of the occupation of Mesopotamia [Iraq] obtained their merits in education in the Middle East, some in the West, and yet some others in combination of arenas of education.

Translation: people go to different schools

However, no matter what area that doctorate is forthcoming from, it is not the degree on the paper, but the degree of the mind that is preponderant in persecution of human judgment in any area of the world, be it the Middle East, be it the West.

Translation: the mind matters more than the paper it is wrapped in.

...if only the damfool would apply this to his own mauling of the English dress up his two-bit idead Kakovitch slathers them with the most bizarre concantenation of palaver I've ever seen. He seesm to think that big fat words will disguise his anorexic thoughts....and it's PRODECUTION...not persecution!

Persecution is what we endure at your hands.


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