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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, November 14 2006, 17:42:54 (CET)
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...the boys of Syria and Iraq started coming to America in droves in the 80s. They came with their hatred of Islam in full bloom. Many, like Peter and Aprim, brought an enormous chip on the shoulder through customs with them, convinced that had it not been for the Arab Conquest 1300 years ago they could have been somebody, instead of the bums, intellectually and morally speaking, they are.

...The Assyrians of Iran had no such deep seated grudges...if they'd had them, they'd gotten over it...but I suspect the boys of Iraq, especially, had the greatest load of hatred for Islam...whether decended from Iraqis or coming in the wave of refugees from Iran in the First World War, the boys of Iraq carry with them an enormous bundle of a sence of entitlement...maybe because Iraq is Betnahrain, the center of the ancient empire, and as such they feel they have a cliam to it...and it's more than likely this ditzy notion, expressed through political "action"..leaflets, marches, organizations etc that caused the government of Iraq to treat their call to sedition as harshly as it did...something any other country would have done as witnessed in the United States' reaction to the mild and legal claims of the Native Americans in the 1970s.

The "we are the indigenous people of Iraq" argument is a joke waiting to be told over and over government in the world can afford to take seriously the claim to some present day rights based on ancient's just plain silly. Especially not claims based on any status that is 2500 years old...or even 1300. America was taken from its people barely 300 years ago and the descendants of those people can't get shit.

All the boys felt that was left to them was to ride this growing tidal wave in America and Europe of hatred of Islam,,,something they gleefully tried to help along by their fantastic claims and lies about "all we have suffered" under if no one ever, or today, suffered from the rule of Christianity. It was their one hope...:spread hatred of Islam...if they helped Bush, again becoming the "littlest ally", surely Bush would reward them with a little Assyria. But that dream went the way of the British and all their went nowhere...except to lead to a worsening situation for the Christians who HADN'T managed to get all our heroes had and the creation of Kurdistan over their triangular patch. This drove Peter insane, making him ana rch-Christian one week and Rambo the next. But he was always nuts.

The level of cowardice, irresponsibillity, deceitfulness and ignorance they still display is breathtaking. All that remains is for them to find their "enemies" this time around..and although they'd far rather find a nefarious undercover group of Arabs, Kurds or Turks, at the center of it...they know, and will be chagrined to find out once again, that they were their own enemies.

You can't build anything positive on lies..and their arguments, all of them...starting with "we are Assyrians because we are Christians", are nothing more than lies and fantasies. Even the "work" they did and the things they "built"...such as political parties and so on turned out to be founded on these same shakey lies...the result being that they've grown to distrust and hate each other even they always wound up doing...and, as the cherry on top, they have once AGAIN split along religious, meaning Judo-Christian, lines...and are in danger of forming yet another sect.

It was like a gift meant for yoors trooli that at this time, just to help underline my argument, these people have been "saved" yet again by Christianity...only to split and fragment some more.

I am deeply grateful to Ashur for this present. He really didn't have to do it...but I am humbled by his wisdom and fucking good sense of humor too. Now THERE'S a god worthy of the name!


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