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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 16 2006, 2:35:07 (CET)
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...there is no real historical evidence for the claim made by the boys that the small numbers of Christians in the MidEast is a result of Islamic massacres or forced conversions, both of which the boys claim are an integral part of Islam. People who tell you about loaves of fishes being turned into wine and Shrouds from Italian cities and Virgin Mary's appearing on tortillas are not to be trusted with facts...they simply make them up as they need to and tell us god works in mysterious ways...there's no mystery to lying..

The real difficulty facing the Church is why so few people accepted Christ...unless he was shoved down their throat at the end of a Roman, or other witnessed by the fact that in China and Japan, where we claim our boys ran to "spread the good word", there were no mass conversions or any real conversions for over 1300 years...and the rulers of those countries, being tolerant pagans and not rabid Christians, had given them every opportunity to spread their message all they wanted...this shows us that no large numbers of people EVER converted to Jesus willingly...and that holds true for BetNahrain as well.

THIS is the "problem" the church faces, the embarrassment it has tried to cover they have fabricated these horrendous is true that there was friction and violence between Muslim and Christian...but since there was much MORE of it between Christian and Christian, this can't be explained by any "doctrinal" facets of either religion...unless someone gave Christians a much bigger contract to kill Christians than they ever gave Muslims.

The real explanation for the low number of Christians can be found in their own religion...the hatred of women, the denigration of marriageand family, laws against concubanige and polygamy... the extolling of celibacy and continual virginity, the prevalence of monasticism and the rest of it which, all by themselves, began to seriously diminish their numbers...that and the fact that many Christians simply found it more convenient to join the same religion as the Muslim conquerors...or because they wished to avoid the mild jizya tax..or possibly too because to be Christian at all meant you had converted over from something else..and having done it once or twice, why not one more time? I mean these people were looking for better goodies in religion and maybe they felt, at last, that they'd found more in Islam.

All of these reasons, being more than likely the real ones, the church and its children decided to concoct these stories of massacres and forced conversions which cost them "millions and millions of Christians". Those incidents in which there was punishment or reprisals occured, not because of any animosity towards Christ but, as Beth-Shlimoon was so kind to point out, because of such things as rebellions and resistance...which had to do with political ACTIONS and not religious status...same as in modern times when Christians have been free to practise their religion but not to preach sedition...

There was NO wholesale massacre, or even any on a smaller there were no forced conversions...Christianity makes people unfit for life on earth...the closer they adhere to the teachings of Jesus the more likely they are to get to a cemetary by express.

I want to thank Beth-Shlimoon from the heart of my bottom for bringing up Hims, to help me make my case...also for imploding right after and continuing his evasions...I don't know how I could have made it this far without the help of Jassim, Aprim, Beth-Shimoon and the rest of them..

Assyrians my arse!


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