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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, November 19 2006, 0:23:46 (CET)
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...someone, possibly Fil or maybe Aprim or Jassim, is going to write in and say I am "taking over"...that I am "writing nonsense" that I "hate Assyrians" that I "hate Christians" that I "hate America"...they are going to say that they won't write, that they can't write at a forum that allows this sort of "irresponsible behavior"...they are going to suggest "improvement" that would ensure "respect for the truth", meaning whatever they believe...something on the order of what a forum would be in Iraq under Saddam...or America, in other words a place controlled and patrolled where only the "right" points of view can be "debated".
..maybe they've done it already...I don't understand how they can howl for demcoracy and freedom of speech and say that "respect for the rights of minority viewpoints" is the "litmus test of democracy" in IRAQ, while they are terrified of such a thing in America...why they expect Iraq to adopt the liberal guarantees of the United States' Constitution while they strive to create forums along the lines that Saddam would have approved of.

..the whole point to free speech and the open exchage of ideas in a pluralistic society is not to guarantee the rights of the MAJORITY, or the powerful is to protect the equal rights of the you all keep yelping that Iraq MUST do.

Well, obviously, mine is a minority point of view on this forum...therefore if any of you understand and value democracy and want an open society to remain in place in America BEFORE you insist on one in Iraq..then my presence here and my point of view must be PROTECTED by you you treat me and my posts and my ability to access this forum will be the "litmus test" of YOUR understanding of and adherence to the principles of democracy...prnciples you INSIST the Shiaa majority and the Kurds, brought to power by the United States, MUST display.

aina already failed that test...and beth is failing still. Dadeeshoo' s place and all the rest also flunk that litmus test...all America means to them is the chance to set up their OWN petty far the insideassyria forum is the only truly open and free Assyrian forum...I hope this one becomes the second. The fact that so few of you write there only means that our "Assyrian Self-Banning System" will take yourselves away, or stay away, because YOU know you can't maintain a presence....there is no need for us to issue warnings as if you were all children or unruly teenagers who must be told what to do or locked out. That is as it should be.

Assyrians should be able to handle anything, words and ideas especially, without yelling for protection...or crying for a Messiah.

If you can do it...I'm sure the Shiaa and the Kurds won't be long in following your good example. But if you DON'T do will be in no position to demand that they must.


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