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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, November 20 2006, 19:52:49 (CET)
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...the day after Bush first took office he increased the daily bombing of Iraq...then he waitied for 9/11 to happen. Two days after the Dems swept into congress the Israelis "accidentally" fired 18 rounds into an apartment complex killing 18 people, most of them children...we love to kill angers their parents something fierce....Bush is desperately hoping some "terrorists" retaliate he can warn us all some more and screw the far it hasn't happened and the Palestinians, bless their hearts, are now making human shields around their homes...which the Israelis have so far been reluctant to fire upon...we shall see.

And now America's "leaders" are leaking things to the press about what course is possible in Iraq...they're doing it because they want the public to tell THEM what they may do...

Pentagon study narrows down Iraq options

WASHINGTON - A Pentagon review of Iraq has come up with three options injecting more troops into Iraq, shrinking the force but staying longer or pulling out, The Washington Post reported on Monday. The newspaper quoted senior defense officials as dubbing the three alternatives "Go big, go long and go home."

....our leaders are hoping we'll allow them to "go home". They got what they wanted...Bush didn't fail in Iraq...aside from getting the oil and robbing the country he now has a steady supply of "enemies" for neo-con politicians to get elected through...through promising us to "get tough" on America's enemies and "save"..when they created these enemies to begin major government studies now show and we were telling them all along.

...everyone said it was "ironic" that Bush went to Vietnam to tell Americans if we just don't "quit" in Iraq we'll win...sure we will...and even that old geezer war-criminal Kissinger got into the act saying America can't win this war...and then added that we shouldn't get out "fast" because that would destabilize the region. What? It's because we went IN THERE so fast that we've manged to destabilize the region...and staying there longer only destabilizes it some more.

..all of these opinions being bandied about now are meant to subconsciously instill in the minds of the American people what the leadership wants to do but can't initiate on their own..they need us to TELL them, so we can't blame them later..they want desperately to get out...just as they once wanted desperately to get IN...and just as they had to lay the groundwork in OUR heads (which is where every con man has to plant the seed) to get us INTO Iraq..they're now laying their exit plans out there, knowing damn well that more and more of us are finally realizing that we made a big mistake....a horrendous mistake...and we'll choose plan C...which is GET OUT!

..elected officials can't really "lead"...not if they want to remain in office...they can only follow.


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