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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, September 15 2006, 20:10:42 (CEST)
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This Youmarran, who seems ready to fight everyone, is the same runt who threatened to put me in a hospital...also at Chicago....when I turned the tables on him and called the police myself (which he donme previously in an unsuccessful bid to have me removed)....he went into hiding until Alladin Khamis begged me to drop my complaint....I agreed to do so if the brave punk would agree to meet me face to face...he did and he was a very changed "hero". I merely explained to him all over again that this was our last chance to get the Shumirum installed in Chicago etc etc and for that I had wanted to circulate a petition..also tell the truth about Nimrod`s make a long story short, when we parted, Youmarran came forward to hug me...I held out my arm to stop him....then he invited me to lunch...I refused....I shook his hand only...and he couldn`t resist flattering himself for his cowardly behavior by saying, as if amazed, that I was "one cool person".,...meaning, I guess, that since he hadn`t managed to scare me with his awfulness, I must "really be something". What a putz!

Well, Janey...I have to point out that when Atour was president he went along with Jackie Bejan in her most illegal flouting of Federation rules regarding art displays...she had him rubber stamp an "agreement" she drew up for all artists to sign...only they never sent me one...and mine, when they handed to me the very monet I entered, had it`s own separate clause...just for me. The effect was to stop me from displaying my sculpture, which I had been doing since well as to put an end to the Hammurabi Monument fundraising as well as frustrate plans to intall the Shumirum...a project which the Federation itself had given $15,000 to.

I guess what I`m saying is that when it`s convenient to lie and bend ALL do it....reservinbg your complaints and moral tones for when YOU are the recipients...we were friends also...Atour should never have given in to Jackie...she hates your guts doubt he thought he had his eyes on a "higher goal"...but such concessions simply extend the rot....which is the reason I defied Nimrod to do his worst...because at some point you have to make a COMPLETE break....otherwise the rot continues to only takes a little puss, not a conventionfull of it.


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