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them wily christians...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 16 2006, 4:57:14 (CET)
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...let's see...all of the western hemisphere, from pole to pole, was 'brought to Christ" through forced conversions and massacres...the church can't lie their way out of it because we have actual hard evidence...the thing they accuse Islam of is the thing THEY did. (They blame the Jews for killing Jesus yet there isn't ONE Christian today who, if he or she had been given the power, would have spared Jesus...because there could have been no heaven for them had he not been crucified).

...That's a lot of people to kill and convert! They did the same to the continent of Africa where no one converted willingly and many were killed as "pagans" and millions of children were sold into Christian slavery.

...In Europe too people were forcibly converted to Christ by the sword...

...the murder and mayhem this religion of peace has brought to our planet is unfathomable...and the really odd thing is that most people KNOW how it happened...but they don't "glad" are they to be "saved".

We're talking very sick here.

The Romans never made it to China or Japan or India else those people too would have "come to Christ". spare us this nonsense about how Jesus brought something incredibly new to the world..people were loving and kind before he came and I doubt they got any better after he fact, I think they got worse...the Romans, for instance, killed nowhere near the number of Christians they did until they became Christians themselves...they didn't become "kinder and gentler"...they became even bloodier but they feltgoodaboutit...because now they were shedding blood in the name of love and peace and Jesus.

What can you do with such people?


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