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wealth in government
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, November 14 2006, 23:10:16 (CET)
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Website title: could characterize government since the mid 70s as an attempt by a minority of rich and those who wannabe rich people, realizing that in government, first, the road to riches lay. Not in government service per se..but in the ability to get in first and change the direction and membership of committees, draft legislation, get rid of regulations, all of it as groundwork for business ventures... It wasn't enough for them to just do their business...because what they called "government interference" stalled them...especially with EPA and the rest of the regulations... Law and justice and equity were no longer represented anywhere in government, except when they were used as catch-phrases or as slogans...these people will do anything, anything, to make money...any way they whatever cost to everything...the rest of us haven't quite figured this out...we're still capable of seeing "hope" when Dempublicans get into office...we think they're going to right wrongs etc. We have FAITH.

Nowhere is the silliness of this more apparent than what's going on right now with Iraq...we are supposedly looking for "new ways" to deal with Iraq...what that means is that the devastation of Iraq is about as complete as it can be...America has succeeded, not failed...and Dempublicans are now going to show how wise and compasionate and sorry and law-abiding our government is by getting us the SAME time these same people are pushing for Sanctions against Iran...hell, they HAVE to get the troops out of Iraq because they don't have any more to send to Iran.

We'll impose Sanctions on Iran, saying they are meant to "pressure the government" when all along, and since Iraq, we KNOW Sanctions will hurt and kill the children of Iran..those adorable babies who also never hurt anyone...we' ll kill them off the same way, saying that our intention is to "pressure the parents" into demanding if Iran's Mullahs are any more amenable to "pressure" from the people than Saddam was...the mullahs are as much in bed with America as Saddam fact, this Iranian president seems to have been engineered and programed at "right-on" are his comments in terms of handing neo-cons the excuses they need.

After years of starving Iranian babies to death we'll next have to "monitor the situation closely" because...SURPRISE..there now seem to be acts of "terror" aimed at the fun-loving United States by Iranian "extremists"...who will then be accused of getting "outside help" from Syria...that will be the first move in setting up Syria for its turn...on that day when we pull our troops out of Iran.

Then airstrikes will be used to "protect the region from the spread of Islamic Iranian Extremism"...and then we'll have to attack the country in order to bring it democracy and remove 'the bad guys".

Who learned anything?

..the only thing different will be that Iranian Christians in the rest of the world will NOT be praying to America to attack and liberate Iran...


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