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what'd I say....?
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, June 7 2006, 1:16:10 (CEST)
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...Lookit them...quibbling and yelling about Christianity...which is true, which is false, which is better, which is closer to we argue about the reign of we fight over Gilgamesh? Maybe...but if we do, it is an ASSYRIAN argument...not a Jewish one.

This despicable religion, in ALL its guises has done nothing but provide a pretext for people to kill those NOT of their religion..and THEN turn their knives on each other...all for the "love" of a Jew they DEMANDED must be put to THEY could live forever. This stuff makes you CRAZY, period!

The final insult is that THIS religion takes credit for introducing LOVE into the world as if NO Assyrian knew what that was bgefore a Jew showed them the way. A religion for crybabies who refuse to believe that someone as wonderful as THEY would be left to rot in the earth.

What spirituallity?


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