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A Black Minister Digs His Hole Deeper
Posted by aheist (Guest) - Sunday, August 8 2010, 14:19:25 (UTC)
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...his opinions are all of the usual sort: trying to appear reasonable and fair while barely disguising his prejudice. My favorite part however is when he thinks to address the obvious fact that all of these objections were once made against Blacks marrying Whites...ergo....

"The majority of Californians, including two-thirds of the state's black voters, have just had their core civil right -- the right to vote -- stripped from them by an openly gay federal judge who has misread history and the Constitution to impose his views on the state's people." the first place, the fact that the judge is "openly Gay" (which he is not), has nothing to do with anything. We have to trust white judges to decide on Black matters...and you could as easily say that an openly heterosexual judge could never decide a Gay issue...this is just mean-spirited prejudice on the part of this man of God...and why should that surprise anyone?

The right to vote has been stripped from no the right to marry is being witheld from millions of Americans. Citizens are allowed to vote on issues...but our Constitutions mandates that all Laws must be approved by the courts before going into effect..thatīs because we are a nation of laws, not popularity contests. The judge read the Constitution exactly right...these religious zealots have been on a crusade for decades to try to convince us that the Constitution says that whatever is popular, by a majority, MUST become Law..if that was the case Civil Rights, the rights of THIS fucking minister, would have been denied to today.

"The implicit comparison Judge Vaughn Walker made between racism and opposition to same-sex marriage is particularly offensive to me and to all who remember the reality of Jim Crow. It is not bigotry, it is biology that discriminates between same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples."

And it is biology NOT bigotry that creates some people Black...biology decides both...who shall be Black and who shall be Gay. It is then left up to us and our Laws and courts to decide how to treat people who could not CHOOSE their sexual orientation OR their skin color. It is indeed the same battle and you can see just how damaging religion is when it forces a Black man to bite the very Constitution and Laws that gave HIM his human rights and now finds himself denying those same rights to others.

HE doesnīt like the idea of Gay marriage...well Whites didnīt like the idea of HIM living among them...or eating at the same restaurant, or counter, or sitting in the front of the Bus. They too pointed to the fucking bible for evidence of what god wants.

Love it.


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