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A Few Thoughts...
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, December 18 2016, 15:03:16 (UTC)
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-- If indeed this news is proper news and not propaganda, then it makes sense why the Western corporate press was/is so adamant to keep repeating the magic word: "genocide". It was "genocide" in Eastern Libya not because the Libyan forces were legally fighting an intrusion against terrorists in the East (Benghazi), but because we had our guys (CIA) and military advisers embedded with the head-chopping butchers from elsewhere, you know... mercenaries, like those in Afghanistan called "Afghan-Arabs", aka, Mujahideens from various Arab nation's prisons; just like the warnings issued by a number of our senators regarding Russia/SAA/Iran/Hizb'allah's attacks on vulnerable encircled areas in Syria where we were told that "our guys" (which the press forwarded as "moderate rebels") may be in danger. Who are "our guys"? CIA, U.S. military advisers, again? Who knows. WHO KNOWS? Perhaps our senators and our president. Was it the same in Northern Iraq/Iraqi Qurdistan? Was the No-Fly-Zone implemented to protect the same Qurds whom earlier had been used as pawns by the Shah based on Kissinger's Machiavellian realpolitik, or was it to protect our assets being trained by our CIA and Mossad officers and advisers... who are still there... keeping an eye on the Ayatollah? Whatever I read, I take it with a grain of salt. Perhaps this article is Russian propaganda? But maybe... maybe... it is not. Who knows.


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