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A Humble Petition
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, March 22 2011, 16:19:10 (UTC)
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(For those without land, dignity and a prosperous future... I'm speaking of the Flistin brothers and sisters)

God, (whose existence based on "First Cause" I find hard to refute... God exists: But I rebel against his authority!)

God, you commanded, 'Love thy neighbor', so we did. Now our neighbors live in our homes, as we roam the earth homeless, searching for the justice of your commandment.

Brother Abbas, why be complicitly silent in the Gaza bloodshed, spilling blood of the ghost fighters, rendered as "Martyrs" - when the truth of the matter is 1400 murdered: 700 civilans - of whom, 300 were innocent childern: chech the Godstone Report, Amnesty International, btselem, just for starters.

If we share a common earth and our civilised instincts dictate "peace"; then why is the "peace" they offer is simply a piece of DEATH!

Let's not equate stones with bullets, white phosphorus, torture, humiliation, bulldozing homes, land theft, and now, the armed, militant fascistic settlers (the new Murder Inc. of the the Zionsist "Cosa Nostra" which translates to Israel as "our thing".

Homes demolished by - and usurped - by the justification of a fable thousands of years old: they quote the Bible, Torah and the Shoah... We simply quote our lives (and deaths). A Salam.


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