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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, March 22 2011, 15:33:01 (UTC)
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A Place for New Heroes
by Don Luce

Ghassr, Evin, Ghezel,
These are the prisons of Iran
long ago,
They belonged to the Shah
Built for the angry patriots
who protested
the flow of gold
to the banks of Amerika
who protested
the flow of people form the farms
to Abadan
to the Shah's oil
While he imported oranges from South Africa

In those days the poor became poorer
and the Shah lived in luxury

Now Ghassr, Evin and all the other prisons
Belong to Khomeini
Who did not want to waste the precious space
Why waste these historical shrines
he must have thought
Where the true heroes of 50 years had spent their time!
So he filled those bowels of the earth with new heroes.

In the cold of night, they tap out messages
On sewage pipes that twist their way
from cell-to-cell like angry snakes
Can you hear? do you understand?

Listen to the voices coming from the City of Night
to the voices of growing anger
to the piercing voices of truth
Heavy sits the night upon the fortress
Heavy sits the night upon my friends
But whispers are heard as well

(This poem was based on one written by Marzieh Ahmadi Oskooi, an Iranian woman who was killed in a shootout with Savak in 1974.)


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