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A one off... To AssyrianMuslim.
Posted by MiniMe (Guest) - Sunday, April 13 2008, 2:15:34 (CEST)
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“But inovation is bad and it leads to disbelief”

It’s interesting you think that... Because your conversion from one belief system to another IS the result of your innovation...

“although Sufis refer to themselves as Muslims, their beliefs are somewhat deviant.”

Deviant relative to you and your way of thinking, and not to THEM... “Everything is relative”

“I feel that whenever someone has to use another name along with the regular name, there is something wrong.”

You mean evolution of thought is wrong?... That’s called Dogma (arrogant assertive type of belief)... Very dangerous stuff...

“What do you think of them if you don't mind me asking you?”

Their teachings are “Esoteric”, while yours are “Exoteric”. I suggest you learn what each truly means...

Through understanding the two concepts (Esoteric & Exoteric), it becomes very obvious where an individual’s mind is when reading or listening to that individual.

The majority of people are only capable of understanding religion based on “Literal” interpretation of it (they see it as history). Among those, whose ideas about a particular religion are based on literal interpretation, are the ones who “agree” with it, and the ones who “don’t”. Both of those two opposing groups are wrong, yet to themselves, they are convinced to be right... Again, everything is relative...

However, there are those who understand and see the “Inner” meaning of religions. To them, ALL religions are the same... And they are...

It is similar to a "Many branches of a Tree". Each branch sees itself separate and different from the other branches; each branch claims to be “better” and “right” by comparing itself to the "other" branches (pretty stupid ha?).

If it happens that one looks at each branch closely, one realizes that they are all connected to the same “Root” and are ONE with the "SOURCE"... Each branch is there for a reason beyond the intellect. Therefore, it would be stupid for someone to try and convince a person (like pancho) who points to a certain branch of the tree and claims: “That one is better” or “That one is worse”. Especially when one knows that their claim is based on bias, nourished by hate, rooted in ignorance, and shielded by arrogance...

You may wonder why I wrote all that? It is because I sense that you are young and still searching, unlike the monkey pancho who has anchored himself in a deep pit and covered it with trash: No hope of being helped in this life time at least, anyway...

So AssyrianMuslim, do yourself a favour, concentrate your attention on your “Self” and not on others... Improve THAT and everything outside will improve in time... Mess THAT and everything outside will be a mess in time.... In other words, Listen to your “Self”... Do you understand what that means? If you don’t, there will ALWAYS be someone like me who will stick virgins in your face (to which you'll have no interpretation of its Esoteric meaning), and your life will be an endless struggle to assert your “important existence”...

Remember that The Whole cannot be greater than the sum of its individual parts... And for that reason, stupid ponchos produce stupid G. Bush in the world (...Cause and Effect...).


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