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About the mysteries of the 9-11 attack
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, December 8 2011, 3:17:19 (UTC)
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About the mysteries of the 9-11 attack

by Fabius Maximus Summary:

Much about 9-11 remains unclear, especially since (as usual) the 9-11 commission was botched. Much relevant material hidden from the Commission (about which they have protested loudly, although we remain deaf). Many important questions remain unasked. Key parts of the story probably false. Unfortunately we have no answers, but understnding the unknowns is progress. Considering how greatly 9-11 changed the course of US history, even good questions are valuable.

For an excellent introduction to the mysteries of 9-11 I recommend George Washington’s blog. If you are a hard-core skeptic, you can skip the text and just follow the links — most of which go to reliable sources.

FBI Believed that Bombs Were Used on 9/11, 10 Feburary 2010

Colleen Rowley: Minders Ensured She Didn’t Say Anything About 9/11 the FBI Didn’t WANT Told, Even to Government Officials With Top Security Clearance, 17 March 2010

SEC: Government Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options, 15 June 2010

Pentagon Papers Whistleblowers, Congressman Who Saved Headwaters Forest, and 9/11 Commissioners Themselves Call for a New 9/11 Investigation, 7 March 2011
Arguments Regarding the Collapse of the World Trade Center Evaporate Upon Inspection, 24 May 2011

Co-Chair of 9/11 Inquiry: American Government Covered Up State Assistance to Hijackers, 11 July 2011

Bush and Clinton Counter-Terrorism Czar Alleges Massive 9/11 Cover Up, 12 August 2011

9/11 Commission Admits It Never Got The Facts … But No One Wants to Hear From the People Who Know What Happened, 9 September 2011

Co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry Into 9/11 – and Former Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee – Calls for a New 9/11 Investigation, 13 September 2011
Government Twists Science of 9/11, 26 September 2011

Other posts about 9-11

Was 9/11 the most effective single military operation in the history of the world?, 11 June 2008

Thoughts about 9-11-01 from Rebecca Solnit, 12 September 2009

New Books, with insights about our changing world, 8 December 2009 — Review of The Ground Truth – The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11 by John Farmer

The vital things to know about 9-11, painful and so seldom mentioned today, 12 September 2011


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