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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 15 2011, 18:39:11 (UTC)
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...the next time s smug Christian tells you that the whole point of the Abraham killing his son Issac myth was not that God ordered human sacrifice but that God was AGAINST it, and so he stopped short....bullshit! For one thing that's a oretty stupid and brutal God to toy with people so....if that's the best he can do then he should resign...I could do better.

But more important than that is the simple fact that God did NOT give up on human sacrifice, on the contrary, and as spelled out in that "good" New Testament, this supposedly new and improved God of Love made sure that this time SOMEONE killed his son! The execution of Jesus on his father's commands is the follow-through we were lacking in the older Testament where Abraham is stopped at the last minute from butchering Issac/Ishmael....but he gets his wish with Jesus.

I'm surprised Hitchens didn't come back with that when a rabbi or priest he was debating made the preposterous claim that old Yahew was against human sacrifice...bull....he was just biding his bloody time.


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