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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Sunday, December 30 2007, 22:08:00 (CET)
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I don't know know how naive and dumb they think everyone is or they must think everyone is as dumb as these born again cults who are brainwashed by people like Pat Robertson. There are people who actually think that Al Qaeda is a threat to the United States and Bin Laden is a Muslim fanatic but such people are nothing more than naive and ignorant of what's going on. It doesent require a Phd to figure out that this group, if it exists at all, it is CIA made and is working with the governoment of the United States. What a perfect enemy they have that always comes up with video tapes right as they need it. Who wouldn't love an enemy who comes out and confesses to to have carried out acts even when it didn't. The latest episode with Al Qaeda is the new Bin Laden tape which was filmed in Bush's mother and the claims made by Bin Laden. He made threats to Sunnis in Iraq not to unite with the rest of the country, but wait a minute, isn't this what the United States wants anyways, a civil war in Iraq. If Iraqis get along again and unite, what excuse for the United States to be there? Isn't it obvious that it wouldn't serve its interests if everyone got along and they were told "thanks for your help, but you are no longer needed"? Of course not and that is where Al Qaeda comes into the picture and saved their sorry ass each and every time.

If there is an Al Qaeda at all which carries out terrorist acts, it is not an enemy to Bush and his klan but they are working together. I don't know Bin Laden personally but I know that he is not an Islamic extremist or anything as they tell their born again sorry asses. He is a invention of the United States government, he is put there to help them, and he is also a perfect tool to slander Muslims and Islam with him. The same thing was done with Saddam long time ago. Before he became the leader of Iraq, Bush sr met with him in Egypt and the CIA liked him back then already. They helped him come to power, and brought Khomeini at the same time in Iran, started a war in which great casualties on both sides were caused, and weapons were being sold to both sides. They later used Saddam to invade Kuwait and intimidate the rest of the region and this opened the door for them to have bases in the oil rich Middle East. So, there is no doubt in my mind that Al Qaeda is a group that works with them and there were no such people in Iraq before the invasion in 2003. Even these daily caqr bombings which kill Iraqi civilians are carried out by the CIA and not Iraqi fighters. Neither Iraqis nor Muslims carry out such acts no matter what in which ordinary human lives are taken. This is something common among westerners but not among the people in the Middle East nor the Islamic world in general. I mean seriously, where would these bastards be if it were not for Al Qaeda and their puppet governments in the Middle East and the Islamic world? I can't help but laugh when they refer to Turkey or Pakistan as Muslim countries when Muslims find themselves thrown in jail in those countries and they are not even allowed to be faithful Muslims but can only do certain things. Look at Saudi Arabia and how these Christians love to criticize the government and got the nerves to call it a "strict Islamic government" and they ignore the facts that "strict Muslims" around the world and from within have been criticizing this government and all governments in the Islamic world. Al Azar University one of the best and oldest Islamic university always criticizes the governments in the Islamic world. Every Muslim and every person in general with some knowledge and sense knows that non of these are Islamic governments nor would the west and the new world order support an Islamic government. If Saudi Arabia was truly an Islamic government, not even in their dreams could Bush and others be friends with them. But because they are all puppet governments, they help the U.S. out with whatever.

The U.S. pays billions of dollars and protects these puppet governments in the Islamic world to keep them in power to help them out. It is obvious that this Al Qaeda is an American group and it helps them out. It's interesting that only Iraqi civilans die during these bomb blasts in Baghdad and no one else. I can see right now that if anything, those American soldiers that are killed are propably killed by Iraqi fighters but these continuing violence against Iraqi civilans is being done by the Americans. So these American church goers who scream "God bless our troops and our president" are guilty of crimes against humanity for funding terrorism in the Middle East. Just remember, whenever a Palestian is murdered by the Israeli government it comes back to these American Evangelic Christians who send money to the Zionist government in Israel and support this war in Iraq and wherever against innocent people. After 14 years, I have come to know what the catch being "come to church" in America is, what they mean by "saved" and all the other little tricks they try to play. Those who go to church and give their 10% which is mandatory, almost all that money, which is an unbelievable sum, goes to support the terrorist government in Israel and terrorism around the world.

So they are guilty for crimes against humanity and that is why I do not have sympathy for their missionary workers who sometimes get killed in other countries. There are some naive ones among them of course but then again when they are willing to risk their necks to "save" people in other countries for nothing more than their cult, I can only blame them in the end. Al Qaeda is the best thing that ever happen for the United States and man do the Christians love to use it to slander Muslims. I still can't believe that almost all of their enemies are created by them themselves and even when that enemy is a "Moslem" it is they who created him. Sad people seriously and that is why they deserve to be exposed. This has nothing to do with hating Christians or supporting Muslims but it is about honesty and truth. There are wonderful and sincere Christians and I know some myself personally who I even invite to my house all the time and they know this themselves. But the above bastards are criminals and they deserve to be exposed in everyway from theoligical talks all the way to exposing their scandals and agendas.

Unfortunately, some naive Assyrians from the COE have fallen for all of this and have even become "born again". Oh gosh, there is nothing worse than a colored person or an Assyrian screaming from the top of his lungs "halleluya" and telling everyone else that they need to get "saved" by the "body of Christ".


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