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Americans brought freedom to Iraqis
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, March 11 2011, 10:32:57 (UTC)
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This is the idea that American people have about Iraqis. They imagine Iraq was backwards, people oppresses, women forced to wear Burkas(whatever the fuck that is), people being tortured, killings, rapes, etc. They be shocked to know that Iraq was beautiful in the 60s, 70s and 80s. You could sleep on the street with a bag of money and it would still be there when you wake up. People enjoyed their lives, they had homes, business, money, farms, etc. Universities were full of men and women. This is not the Iraq CNN will show or tell us about but they tell us about the the "butcher of Baghdad" who in reality was nothing like the person given by the media.

The US didn't free Iraqis or improve their lives but has brought chaos, instability and killed far more people than Saddam could have ever dreamed of. These church attacks, mosque attacks, etc were all unheard of. I remember visiting Iraq myself in 1990 and I spoke very little Arabic yet the people were so generous wherever I went. The night before we were going back to Germany, I was hiding on the roof of my Uncle's house because I didn't want to leave. I felt truly at home even though I was from Europe. My uncle didn't even have a phone and only one person had it in the entire neighborhood and we all used it. It was a Muslim family and I remember the woman of the house always offered me something to drink, gave me sweets and always offered me a seat in English. Iraqis were so kind and that is something that lacks in the western world.

I am only talking about Iraq but I have friends from many different Arab countries and they say the same thing and it's called "insaniya" in Arabic which is humanity. Again, that's something most western people lack and could never come close to. We get fired from our jobs here if we 2 minutes late while the boss takes pride in doing it too, but I remember how Iraqis would go home and sleep around lunch time. They would wake up around 3 PM, drink tea, eat something and continue work. It was absolutely beautiful and not something I have ever seen elsewhere. That was the Iraq I knew and now there is a different one; a country destroyed by fanatic Christians and White people.

My cousin is works in Iraq and has been there for 3 years now. He said the country has gone backwards 50 to 75 years. He left Iraq in the 1980s when he was a teen and when it was beautiful, but he doesn't even recognize it anymore. They have truly destroyed the nation. What eats me up more is that these dumb Americans complain and say "we are helping Iraq when we should be taking care ourselves" and I am saying when the fuck does America help others? It don't even help American so why help darker people in other countries? The US never goes to war unless there is a serious profit or interest in something. And please don't nobody needs try convincing me if someone is a threat to us because no one is that serious. If China, Russia, etc are no serious danger to the US, Iraq, Iran, etc are definitely not. Today there is no need to live in fear of someone invading the US or any country for that matter but America is an active empire around the globe and invading countries.

Iraq was a huge cash cow for the companies, etc who couldn't wait to get their hands on the country. The more damage and chaos in Iraq, the more money they will make with construction etc. This was never about weapons, or danger but money, population control and to do other things which they had in mind, but "freeing" was never the goal. Afghanistan is the same story and they did not go to war over no fucking Burkas(again I am using I word I hate and don't even know what the fuck it means). The US has major issues with abused women here at home and they wanna free women elsewhere? The same people who had no problem starving the children of over a million Muslims are fighting free women of the same faith in another country? Fuck off with that shit.


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