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=> Andre, Aprim and Maggie go to War.

Andre, Aprim and Maggie go to War.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, July 4 2011, 16:36:06 (UTC)
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...having identified their enemies the three of them prepare for war, but first what some clarity on the rules.

"It's no fair if you have guns too", Maggie tells the Qurds, "no weapons of any kind for your side or I'll start a forum and fight you there."

"I won't fight if you are rude", says Andre to the Arabs...."I know you killed my family, but if you are going to attack me too, then I'm going home and make a movie."

"And you can't throw rocks at us either", a nervous Aprim told the Turks, "you have to promise not to hurt us before we'll do battle or I'll write a book".

..and there you have the assyrian army. Every one a hero, by his own account.


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