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Andy Rohan Kisses Australian Ass, oh so humbly...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, June 3 2011, 22:59:10 (UTC)
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Over at they posted a link to the maiden speech of a new member of Australia's Parliament...a Liberal from Smithfield, which must be infested with other ass-kissing assyrians for no one else but villagers recently off the boat would have elected this guy to represent them., isn't that his English is horrible, that's to be expected from the grandsons of Ashurbanipal, it's that on such an important occasion, so he tells us, he didn't bother to run his speech before a high school student or two just to make sure he didn't make more of a fool of himself than absolutely'll have to hear it yourself to get the full impact of it.

He's being praised by other ass-kissers for at least mentioning the so-called genocide of so-called assyrians by the Ottomans...and this in a country which happily slaughtered its own indigenous people without skipping afternoon tea and continued their genocidal practices right up to the 20th century....but Andy likes these people, these people are okay because they're white Christians who've made him feel at home and who have used his tax dollars to go kill his own "beloved" peepil back in his own beloved homeland...

Let these Christian immigrants to Australia begin to agitate and practice sedition in Smithfield and see how fast the Australian government follows Saddam's practice, and that of the United States and every other country on earth, by slapping his arse in jail. These Christians were never persecuted...they were either attacked for unpatriotic fawning on white Euros, to the point of treason and beyond, or they were PROsecuted by law, as they would be in every nation, including Australia.

I expect that when the first Aborigine shows up at his doorstep in Smithfield demanding the return of his indigenous homeland, which Andy has squatted his arse on, Andy will do as he expects the Iraqis to do when he demands the same of them...I expect.


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